Decoration of residence in Piraeus

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Decoration of residence in Haidari

Renovation of the residence in Haidari gives value to life 

A modern residence in Haidari is an attractive complex that is ideally suited to the natural environment of the area. The creative team, listening to the everyday habits of the people, let go of its imagination for unique solutions and suggestions. 

The modern aesthetics of the lounge, the dining room and the kitchen stem from the harmonious coexistence of different materials and investments. Hidden-atmospheric lighting combined with wall paints and tiled flooring in imitation wood creates a relaxed image of comfort and luxury, bundling the individual areas into a single set. Separation of areas with different uses becomes conceivable with the original roof and its new morphology. 

With regard to the restoration of the other rooms of the house, the bedroom is fully renovated and acquires a new and warm identity. The earthy shades and the extensive wood-like coatings give the feeling of relaxation and reshuffle after a busy day. Of course, as in most bedrooms, the bedding is the focus of the decoration. However, the designers of the company take a step further and give a relief figure to the ceiling of the room with a variety of light games. So when the person lies, he does not meet a white ceiling as usual, but he meets all the warmth of a familiar atmosphere. 

At the same time, when designing the renovation, special attention was paid to the design of the child’s room as a child has completely different needs than an adult. Due to the tightness of the room, an elevated bed and desk position beneath were selected. The equipment and the libraries were specially customized to fit perfectly into the room’s dimensions, helping to optimize the organization of the objects and toys. 

The new image and aesthetics of the house is a unique combination of interior architecture and design. Innovo Constructions has consistently and discreetly proceeded to solve functional and aesthetic issues, giving value to investment and human everyday life.