Decoration of residence in Koropi

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Decoration of residence in Koropi 

The classic decoration in a modern home 

Over the years, the art of decoration has seen many forms and variations. Each form is a style influenced by the features of each era. The classic decoration, which we find in the residence in Koropi, has its long-lasting character, creating elegant sets. 

The great challenge for the creative team of Innovo Constructions was the creation of a new decoration that highlights the architectural form of the building without losing the grandeur of the classic style. Of course, this does not mean that aesthetics of the place should look like old-fashioned. The harmonious integration of classic furniture (tables, showcases, lampshades, chandeliers, etc.) combined with beautiful and modern accessories give the desired familiar feeling. 

The main characteristic of the creation of the classic decoration is the unification of the spaces by removing the partitions. This creates large spaces that are illuminated by large openings. Different shapes and sizes of furniture and decorative elements create separate sets that are balanced in relation to each other. The multiple curtains that reach the floor and are lined with a cord give character and luxury in the atmosphere. At the same time, they serve a functional purpose as they mitigate the entrance of sunlight at times that are not desirable. 

The ideal combination of compositions with color choices and the right lighting provide an appealing and serene, desirable style. In places where people spend more time, harmonic combinations with fewer contrasts are selected. Therefore, the eye relaxes and the senses are throbbing. Different levels of lighting create points of interest, avoiding visual monotony. The ideal balance of contrasts and harmony is the ultimate goal. 

Of course, Innovo Constructions could not only renovate the interior of the house. Outside, it was fully renovated and rebuilt to fit in with its new image. Therefore, the house now expresses the character and the taste of the people who live in it, contributing effectively to improving their everyday life.