Decoration of Mr. Lazarou's hair salon

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Decoration of Mr. Lazarou’s hair salon 

An original, attractive and functional hair salon 

A modern person meets fashionable beauty solutions and specialized grooming for every type of hair in Lazarou’s renovated salon. However, how did the entrepreneur reach this exquisite and harmonized result of absolute balance of functionality and aesthetics, optimally hosting the client? 

The efficient integration of the store into the ever-increasing competition was achieved in co-operation with Innovo Constructions and its skilled and experienced workforce in projects related to the renovation and construction of hairdressing salons. Adapted to modern times, the salon was fully modernized and decorated in trendy lines, making it attractive as well. The beauty of the store accompanies the beauty of the person by further increasing his mood. 

The choice of colors to renovate the salon was based on seriousness and professionalism. The black combined with the orange-red shades give dynamism and cause tension in the atmosphere. Liveliness creates passion and passion unique creations. Large mirrors in each working seat mirror, besides the client’s image, the elements of decoration, giving it a sense of imaginative extension of the store. As the customer receives hair care, he or she is not cut off from the environment, but due to the extensive mirrors, he/she has a visual touch with the whole store. 

During the architectural design of the salon, the reception and the waiting area were centrally located, facilitating the service of the newcomers and the flow of employees. Ergonomic design helps coordinate staff for immediate and efficient customer care. Therefore, a relationship of trust is being built, giving value to the business and offering satisfaction to the buying audience. 

The goal for an original and functional hair salon that does not look like another has become reality. Uniqueness is the strength for the increased competitiveness of the new space. High aesthetics, space and construction flexibility and functional ergonomics are the key to success.