Decoration of hair salon in Nafplio

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Decoration of hair salon in Nafplio 

The modern salon in Nafplio 

An issue that often concerns entrepreneurs is the frequency with which they need to renovate and renew the decoration of their store. It is a fact though that by renovating in a store it is estimated that there will be a 30% increase in clientele! 

The owner of the salon at Nafplio decided, in cooperation with Innovo Constructions, to upgrade his business and modernize the decoration of his store. The result of the final image that the public sees, hides a lot of work, it is not just about buying decorative materials. The decorative architectural design is determined by many parameters. The creative team, during the interior designs, took into account the modern design trends of the market, the location and the corporate identity that the entrepreneur had in mind in order that the result would be as desired. 

The hue that dominates the decor is gray. Particular and timeless compositions create a calm and friendly atmosphere. At the same time, the faithful rendering of the actual colors of hair dyes is favored. The pop accents in the space with red chairs and red decorations give brightness to the salon. Mood is refreshed and neutral decoration gains more vitality. 

Significant interventions for the optimization of the salon were made at the entrance and in the reception area of ​​the customers, which is located in the store’s window. Simple design takes the form of stunning luminaires hanging from the ceiling. The four spherical luminaires, 3 white and 1 black, create an original composition by taking the look of the passerby into the interior. The professionalism of the business is perceived at first sight winning the customer’s confidence. 

The new style and the unique identity of the store are a trademark while they are also embracing the entrepreneur’s philosophy of the seriousness of the services he offers. Aesthetics and functionality contribute to a harmonious result with a character that remains indelible in the memory of the customer.