Decoration and Construction of the Medical Center in Halandri

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What do the doctors, the patient and the patient’s companion have in common? Of course, they are all people! As such, they have emotional and physical needs, psychological peculiarities and personal weaknesses. The modern doctor gives the healing direction, and this requires, besides scientific knowledge, a strong dose of patience, optimism, and a lot of self-denial. The place in which all the preventive and healing actions are taking place directly affects the person’s state of mind. Good communication between the doctor and the patient determines the development of the treatment and the degree of satisfaction of the patients themselves. 


The doctor and surgeon in Halandri, focusing on the balance of relationships with patients, decided to construct their premises, trusting Innovo Constructions for the novelty and functionality of the new proposal. The aim of the company was to arrange the interior with the combination of constructions, materials, colors and lighting, to serve patients, escorts and doctors, according to technical methods and aesthetic rules. The architectural design of the renovation was based on the needs of the doctors of all disciplines, the new trends of the era and the technological development. 


The first concern in the construction of the clinic was the inclusion of adequate infrastructure for the proper and complete installation of electromechanical, hydraulic, cooling-heating-ventilation. The technicians provided for any extensions and needs that will arise in the future. This saves time and money while facilitating employees and doctors. 


In the design of the rooms, the reception – waiting area was a special challenge, as it had to be functional by serving patients who are interested in different specialties, but also of high aesthetics. A neglected, crude, dark waiting area would in the first place show lack of respect for man and his problems. If doctors do not care for their place, how do patients believe they will care for them? Everyone who visits the doctor usually has a problem. Few are the visitors for routine screening. 

The patient passing the medical center door is overwhelmed by stress and anxiety about the progress of his visit. Therefore, the atmosphere of the waiting area must be relaxing. Placing the TV in a prominent position abstracts patients as long as they wait. The clean and welcoming environment helps the patient’s psychological balance before entering the doctor’s office. 


The patient service counter was designed driven by elegance, originality and functionality. Its ergonomics and flexibility protect the privacy of employees, but they are not cut off by the public. The earthly shades in the decor give the atmosphere calm, warmth and elegance. The space “comes alive” through intense contrasts. 


The anthropocentric perception of the medical center gives value to the human patient and his needs. The doctors’ office and the examination rooms have been transformed through smart design solutions into a comfortable environment that enhances the doctor’s communication with the patient. Appropriate infrastructure allows the ergonomic management of the site with the best management of the machines. 

The patient’s overall experience within the clinic is unique. Innovo Constructions, having a number of fully integrated practices, possesses the expertise and experience to carry out architectural designs and implementation of constructions tailored to the personality and expectations of each doctor. Severity and intimacy, prestige and reliability are values ​​that encourage patients to trust and appreciate the new medical center.