Cosmetics store renovation in Peristeri

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Cosmetics store renovation in Peristeri

“It style” Italian fashion cosmetics becomes a Greek case!

Italian Fashion Comes to Greece! The new cosmetics store in Peristeri hosts the Italian brand “it style” in a warm and appealing space. The personalized services offered by the company aim at satisfying the cost and the quality for each customer. Because every woman has the right to care and beauty!

The architectural design for the renovation of the cosmetics store is the result of the close cooperation of Innovo Constructions with the representatives of the Italian company and the owner of the company in Peristeri. The new store reflects the philosophy and the identity of “it style”, engraving its own course in the demanding Greek market.

During the planning process, the real estate was captured in detail, identifying its strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, the construction of the cosmetics store started with the modernization of the electromechanical installations and the heating and cooling devices. By creating comfort conditions indoors, customers relax and enjoy their purchases by consuming more time around the products, increasing the chances of spontaneous purchases.

A characteristic feature of the store is the elastic membrane that adorns the roof of the space. The central section is autofocus displaying the company’s signal. The black and white style of the logo is reflected in the decoration of the entire store, in the furniture, in the coatings, in the lighting, in the style with which the walls are painted. In this way, the shades of products are displayed in the foreground, keeping customers unaffected by their choices.

Consumer needs are rising rapidly as the public becomes more demanding. The organized directing of merchandise according to merchandising principles is the best tool to be able to show the competitive advantage of the business. Innovo Constructions, with its experience and continuous training, always aims at creating an ergonomic and excellent result that is consistent with the practices of retail and modern decoration.