Cosmetics store construction in Tirana

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Cosmetics store construction in Tirana

“It Style” cosmetics store in a “black and white” background across boarders

Innovo Constructions proposes solutions that aim at high aesthetics and quality creation. The architectural design and the construction of the cosmetics store in Tirana required special handling due to the distance and the existence of borders between the two countries. Nevertheless, the flawless collaboration through sophisticated technology with the owner of the company and with the Italian franchise “it style” helped to achieve the desired result.

It was initially captured with full measurement and detailed photographing so that all designers have a complete picture of the store. It was very important during the designing to take into account all the needs of the entrepreneur, but also the requirements of the store for renovation and modernization.

Then, after the arrangement of the equipment, the layout of the premises and the way of lighting the products, Innovo Constructions proceeded to decorate the store, according to the philosophy of the company. The role of the showcase has been emphasized by attracting passers-by with the diversity of black shades and intense lighting. The black shades continue dominating the interior sales area. The luxury and the severity of this simple and timeless combination of colors creates the unique identity of “it style” giving style to the store.

During the construction, despite the difficulties in transporting furniture from Athens so that they are delivered intact to their destination, the store was equipped with the special series of furniture that deserves the ideology of the company. Their assembly was done on the spot with patience and determination, following the special assembly plans. The rational categorization of products with the parallel application of merchandising techniques aim at increased sales and impulsive purchases.

Finally, the forms were combined harmoniously with the materials and the black and white shades, achieving a modern aesthetic and a functional effect. The clean and friendly environment inspires the local society with its diversity by introducing the company dynamically into increased competition.