Construction Plastic Surgery in Tripoli

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Throughout the years, the thought that beauty is combined with happiness has been established. The evolution of technological achievements and machines has made the procedure of plastic surgery more secure. Thus, despite the economic hardship of Greece, many people, mostly women, choose the plastic surgeon to make them more elegant, to change something on their bodies, to bring back their lost youth. The requests for interventions are about the same. The only difference with the past lies in the fact that they have been asking for the security of the surgery and today about its cost. 

The new surgeon’s plastic clinic, located in a central location in Tripoli, is a place of high standards where the doctor meets his patients for information, treatment and interventions. The plastic surgeon selects for each patient the method to follow, assessing the situation and performing the necessary examinations. Thus, Innovo Constructions takes into account the character, the needs and the requirements of the doctor and proceeds to the construction of the clinic giving a unique identity in the field. The specialized personnel of the company with the constant training and experience of many years, creates unique spaces that remain indelible in the memory of the patients. The peculiarity of the plastic surgeon’s practice renovation lies in the fact that visitors to the area can be either patients who need medical intervention or simple clients who want to intervene in their bodies for purely aesthetic reasons. 

In the comfortable setting of the clinic, the most important step is the first visit. This is considered very important because proper information is the best means of free, effortless and right choice of patient-client. Many people do not want it to be known that they visited a plastic surgeon. The protection of the identity of each visitor played a major role in the layout of the spaces and the flow of traffic in the corridors. When needed, the bubble glass aquarium helps the visual cut of the reception from the waiting area. 

The sculpture of the body is portrayed in an original way in the reception and the waiting area. The wall opposite the reception is lined with a glossy elastic membrane. Two human forms take shape behind it and give volume to the surface. The imaginative chair – face in the waiting room looks like looking at a better tomorrow. The visual stimuli keep the audience alert and happy to wait. The unique roof and the combination of hidden lighting shape the cozy and warm atmosphere of the space. 

The first contact with the doctor is done in his office. The patient is dazzled by the uniqueness of the forms. Specially selected pieces of furniture combined with the distinctive textures of the dividing walls and the new technology with a bright ceiling. The intervention and treatment areas are distinguished for their different style, depending on the type of activity that takes place in each one. The machines used are high tech and the hygiene conditions are emphasized by the purity of the shapes. 

Regardless of our preferences and our time, the interior decoration of a space cannot be analyzed as a single phenomenon. Every person’s life has a specific turn, a pattern of personal expression and social status in which he lives and evolves. The plastic surgeon is associated with the call of the human form, so the rooms of the clinic need to be elegant and modern. Innovo Constructions understands the diversity of the doctor’s personality and reflects it in his professional space. The new venue offers high quality services always with customer satisfaction.