Construction of the stand Kokkoris in the optical exhibition

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Construction of the stand Kokkoris in the optical exhibition

The communicative and appealing style of Kokkoris stand

The design of a stand in an exhibition is one of the key elements that make up the image of a business. Innovo Constructions, taking part in many exhibitions, fully understands the value of this investment and the communicational character it must possess. Thus, the company offers comprehensive design and construction proposals for congress and exhibition stands that attract customers and increase sales.

The Kokkoris optical store chain, aiming to point out its leading role in the optical sector, contacted Innovo Constructions to construct its stand by consolidating its corporate presence and dominating with the promotion of its products in the exhibition space. The ability to implement innovative concepts and innovative designs with the application of modern, high-quality materials guarantees an efficient result.

The process that the technicians followed and highlighted the optimal solution began with the inventor’s reporting of the needs and exhibition objectives. The elaboration of this information in depth and the translation in plans and proposals led to the presentation of design solutions to photorealistic images. This was how the stand design was finalized and it proceeded to the perfect implementation in accordance with the exhibition specifications and the timetable.

What does the implementation proposal and the construction of the stand include? Modern aesthetics elegantly surrounds the glasses of famous designers, sparking the interest of visitors to the exhibition. The design of the stand protects the privacy and the special conversations between sales representatives and visitors, but without losing its prominent character. The whiteness of the entire construction favors the display of colored frames and graphic widgets.

The years of experience and the high aesthetics of the Kokkoris brand are reflected in the attractiveness and functionality of the stand. The friendly and intimate atmosphere creates the ideal environment for customer relations, setting ever-higher goals for the future.