Construction of the stand in 2012 Hellas Pharm Exhibition

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Construction of the stand in 2012 Hellas Pharm Exhibition

The differentiation of the usual by Innovo Constructions

Rapid advances in the pharmacists sector have been a strong call to this year’s Hellas Pharm 2012 show at Helexpo. People who are active in pharmacies visited the stand and were informed about developments and the promotion of new products.

Innovo Constructions, wishing to assist in the multi-faceted work of the pharmacist, has stated its presence with its impressive stand and the immediate servitude of its workforce. The willingness to inform and advise has left every visitor satisfied. However, no discussion could be favored if there was no suitable environment.

The innovative design of the stand highlights the area without the use of an obvious light source. The ceiling of the stand looks like a bright sky. The construction of the suspended ceiling is made of a flexible self-luminous membrane. The embossed cross in the middle and the surface behind the service desks are glossy elastic membrane. The wide application and the high specifications of the elastic membrane make it ideal for the formation of any design and for fitting in many different ways.

The passerby may understand at a glance, the current needs of the industry, beyond the established distribution of medicines. The introduction of cosmetics and wellness products into the pharmacy merchandise offers a sense of security and satisfaction to the customer. At the same time, the pharmacist inspires confidence and respect, as they are an important means of distribution. In addition to the dynamic introduction of the membrane into the pharmacy area, the company projects on the perimeter of the stand some executed high-quality projects and professional equipment such as drawer systems, ideal for pharmacies.

Innovo Constructions is well aware of the showrooms, what to notice and how to maximize visibility. The design and the construction of its stand communicates its values ​​and philosophy to the public in the best possible way. Its awareness of the modern requirements of the industry and the continuous technical training make it an ideal partner for the realization of each pharmacist’s vision.