Construction of the stand for the Sixth Meeting of Pharmacists-Doctors in 2015

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Construction of the stand for the Sixth Meeting of Pharmacists-Doctors in 2015

Innovo Constructions “communicates” about the value of investment in the professional premises

The sixth Meeting and Exhibition on “Entrepreneurship and Health Communication” was completed in February 2015 with great success and mass turnout. Innovo Constructions was present, reminding to all people in the health sector that attracting an increased customer base is directly linked to its hospitality, configuration and equipment.

The company’s stand, designed and constructed naturally by its own team, reflects the freshness and modernization required in medical facilities and pharmacies. Using OSB in the shape of a cross on the roof and on the floor attracts passersby and makes the stand look like a miniature of a professional space.

The use of a self-luminous elastic membrane on the roof highlights the value of using this innovative material in the construction of the pharmacy and the practice. At the same time, it adjusts the brightness of the atmosphere without making visitors giddy and cause blurring by directly exposing the eyes to light sources. This creates conditions of comfort and friendliness for staying in the stand.

The visitor, wandering around the stand, faces previous projects of increased demands and high aesthetics on the perimeter of the partitions. So at first glance, someone perceives the experience and the high technical training of the company in the professional field. At the same time, the person understands the value of an investment for the architectural design, the construction and the renovation of his business premises with modern professional equipment. The Tecnyfarma columns of drawers is an ideal sample for the quality and high performance of the equipment used by the company in its architectural designs.

The stand’s philosophy makes it clear that scientific training and the number of products are not enough for the success of the business. The area needs to be upgraded, patients and customers should feel comfortable and so the doctor and the pharmacist need to slowly gain the trust of their visitors.