Construction of the stand for KNAUF

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Construction of the stand for KNAUF 

Stunning KNAUF building systems “steal” the show 


How could KNAUF bring out its products and high service system within an exhibition? This was the key question put to Innovo Constructions when commissioning the construction of its stand. The company itself choosing and using KNAUF products in its constructions everyday knows firsthand the high quality and durability of its materials. 

The design of the stand started from the open and communicative character required. Therefore, the modest decoration of the stand serves as the appropriate backdrop for the emergence of modern and sophisticated building systems. Stylish aesthetics shows professionalism and seriousness in dealing with circumstances. Distinctive lighting is one of the merchandising techniques applied to optimally direct and promote the merchandise. This created a harmonious and welcoming environment, comfortable and pleasant. 

KNAUF cares for customers and therefore ensures their excellent information through discussions and demonstrations. The need for demonstration of application of materials or construction of building systems led to the arrangement of the stand, having as a central element a small platform. Opposite seats were placed, focusing on the convenience of viewers, either in real time or through audiovisual material. 

Perimeter of the stage “small corners” were created aiming at immediate and excellent service to the public. Sample making of sophisticated materials and new systems raises questions to visitors who could not remain unanswered. Experienced and trained staff are favored by the functional structure of the stand to interact with stakeholders in more general or even more private discussions. 

The stand’s image is summed up in KNAUF’s ideology for innovation and creativity. The differentiation of building systems gives individualized solutions for most of the construction. The confidence that inspires KNAUF products gives value to the investment and guarantees a remarkable result.