Construction of the stand for 2014 Optics Exhibition

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Construction of the stand for 2014 Optics Exhibition 

The communication stand that marks a constructive collaboration 


Doctors, opticians and students often focus only on their scientific knowledge, believing that they are sufficient to attract patients and clients and build long-lasting ties. However, as shown in the 2014 Optics Report, the audience judges overall its professional experience. This is influenced by the quality of services and products, as well as by the functionality and the taste of the atmosphere. 

Innovo Constructions, with responsibility and consistency in the expectations of an optician and a doctor, gives priority to their needs and value in their field. Therefore, for another year, Innovo Constructions and Minopta show their dynamic collaboration and constructive partnership in the construction of a stand. The aim of both companies is to create medical premises and optical stores modernized and different from the usual ones with original and unique character. Because it is a fact that the attractiveness, functionality and commerciality of a professional space ensures a perfect and valid service and gains the trust of the client-patient. 

The stand of the two companies, simple in design, clearly shows the messages they want to pass to the visitors of the exhibition. The passer by the hall perceives the subject of the exhibitors and their specialization at first glance. The posters of completed projects exhibited around the stand show the specialization of Innovo Constructions in the individualized architectural design, renovation and construction of optical stores and practices with unique identity. Sample making of machinery – high technology equipment and the ability for the visitors to test them increases the person’s experience in the stand. 

Innovo Constructions with its high value system being reflected in the stand is next to the modern scientist. It is therefore understood that the need to have a high sense of responsibility and acceptance of its social role by offering high quality services and products to the public in a hospitable and comfortable environment functions as the key to success.