Construction of the stand for 2008 Optics Exhibition

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Construction of the stand for 2008 Optics Exhibition

The minimalist stand of Innovo Constructions

The evolution of technology and the new trends in fashion in the sector of optical stores make it necessary to inform the entrepreneur about the movements of the modern market. The Helmo Optics Exhibition organized at Helexpo has enjoyed great success and increased traffic from the industry. Innovo Constructions in collaboration with Diafania S.A. participated with a communication stand informing visitors and students with immediacy and passion.

Minimalist design creates a light and welcoming feeling. Therefore, the space being so small was not a barrier to constructive discussions. By entering the stand, the visitor feels he is “embroiled in a hug” where he is protected from increased competition and can provide him all the supplies and information to modernize his business technologically, aesthetically and commercially. Because the importance of upgrading a store is immeasurable as it contributes to its unique identity by defining its impact on the market.

The white color is dominated by the decoration of the stand, making space look bigger in a sophisticated touch. Applying the glossy elastic membrane to the roof introduces the new material to the construction of the optical store while also giving height to the stand. The environment is welcoming and comfortable, while enhancing communication with the client ensuring the development of personal relationships. The serene and luminous sensation of the atmosphere is the ideal sculpture within the confluence of the corridors of the exhibition.

At the same time, the white base is the ideal backdrop for creating contradictions with shapes, images and verbal messages. Innovo Constructions, knowing and applying merchandising techniques in all its architectural designs and constructions would not be able not to transmit this message through the compositions and equipment of its own stand. Because it is a fact that the stand is the image of the company displaying its values ​​and dynamics.