Construction of the optical store in Marousi

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Construction of the optical store in Marousi


In the modern era where competition is growing rapidly, the optician’s need for drastic action and upgrading of his store is imperative. The modern design and construction of the optical store in Marousi meets the high demands of the customers. His unique identity remains indelible in the mind of the client and helps to personalize the services tailored to each person’s unique personality.

Innovo Constructions, following the market trends and developments, completed the architectural design and construction of the optical store with a special focus on identifying and communicating the interior and the facade. The excellent layout, the personalized design of the furniture, the lighting design, the obedience of the compositions to the central idea and the application of the merchandising techniques ensured the special style that the optician was looking for.

However, what is the element that acts as a connecting link of all the compositions in the store? The line, and especially the horizontal line, embraces the surfaces creating a sense of unity and coherence. Like embracing the customer for as long as he is in the store, while creating guidelines for key points in it. At the same time, the use of turquoise in the decoration creates positive energy and “vivid” contrast with the neutral colors of gray and white. So the atmosphere becomes serene, friendly but also dynamic.

The emergence of the new style is completed by the implementation of the lighting design. Due to the varying heights of the retail space, the creative team has taken great care of the even distribution of general lighting to ensure comfort conditions throughout the day. At the same time, special lighting is provided for the visibility of the eyewear and the showcase for communication purposes.

The renovation of the optical store in Marousi was completed by applying modern commercial methods in the field of optics. High aesthetics and functionality combine in a harmonious way creating a unique space that expresses the businessperson and delights the customer.