Construction of the kindergarten in Piraeus

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Construction of the kindergarten in Piraeus 

The playground “Pupo” promises a lot of fun and games! 

Children’s fun and play never stops! It is a fact that the different and varied stimuli that children take from their surroundings every day play a key role in their development. Considering that the game, besides entertainment, is the most appropriate means of learning and education, the entrepreneur in Piraeus, in cooperation with Innovo Constructions, has created an original environment where children can play care freely and safely. 

The new and modern playground consists of a comfortable environment of high aesthetics, a playground for its young friends and a coffee and rest area for parents and escorts. Starting with the architectural design for the construction of the playground, the position of the playground was defined. Because of its large volume and the vast area it occupies on two floors, a separate personalized design was made for its smooth and balanced integration into the geometricity of the property. 

All premises and facilities are constructed and configured in accordance with current European standards. Initial installation of electrical and mechanical equipment, upgrading of air conditioning and ventilation systems and modification of plumbing facilities in accordance with the new layout of the property ensure the smooth operation of the business. At the same time, providing for renewal of the space in the future allows flexible modification without great expense and waste of time. 

The implementation of the lighting design during the renovation of the playground forms the friendly and welcoming atmosphere creating conditions of comfort and well-being. In the area where table-chairs for adults are located, the lighting is more atmospheric, facilitating the relaxation of the person. In the areas of the game, intense colors and plenty of illumination bring vitality and positive energy to the environment. 

The goal of a competitive playground that will provide a lot of play and pleasure to children with physical exercise and relaxation, socialization and interaction is now a reality. Comfort and entertainment are the privilege of both young and older visitors!