Construction of the diagnostic center in Kallithea

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Construction of the diagnostic center in Kallithea 

The modernized diagnostic center of Kallithea 


The Diagnostic Center in Kallithea, aware of its high sense of responsibility regarding the prevention and examination of individuals, addressed Innovo Constructions for its formulation. The quality and the aesthetics of the space determine the comfortable waiting of the visitors and their psychological support. The functionality ensures their most efficient service either by the secretary or by the doctors. 

The new facilities of the Diagnostic Center contribute to the acceptance of its social role. The construction company, having extensive experience in the design, construction and renovation of clinics, has clarified the needs of the doctors and has implemented the final proposal of the architectural design with consistency and determination. Regardless of the cohesive specialties, the prime concern was the optimal layout of the property, the welcoming and clean atmosphere, the sense of calm and relaxation in the waiting area and the examination rooms, the ergonomic design of furnishings and equipment. 

In the décor of the center, the shades of blue combined with the “warmth” that exudes from the use of wood, act on the psychosynthesis of people, driving away their stress and anxiety. So the patient feels confident about the validity of the effects, soothing both physically and psychologically as his metabolism slows down. 

However, lighting and thermal comfort are essential for shaping and decorating. Depending on usage, the intensity and brightness of the selected luminaires are defined. Proper lighting enhances the environment, enhancing clarity and a sense of security. Also during the construction of the diagnostic center, the heating-cooling design determined the installation of air-conditioning units of sufficient efficiency according to the needs of each space. 

The new infrastructure of the diagnostic center ensures the support of new modern machines for the most reliable diagnosis of diseases. The modernization and attractiveness of the site create the right conditions for fair and discreet treatment with selflessness, patience and determination.