Construction of Roussakis S.A. office premises

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Construction of Roussakis S.A. office premises

A modernized metallic building with character

“Roussakis S.A.” is well-known company with many years of experience in boat repairs and replacements. The consistency and the high value system of its people in their dealings with the public is reflected in the unique building where the offices and services of the company are hosted. The building stands out for its character and its modernized style.

A special element of the facades of the building is the multiple glass panes – mirrors. These one-way glasses allow full visibility from the inside to the outside, while avoiding the reverse, protecting the privacy of the employees without being visually detached from the surrounding area. At the same time, daylight diffuses uniformly in the interior, greatly reducing the cost of electricity consumption.

As far as the functionality of the premises is concerned, the interior layout of the property has been done in accordance with the requirements of the company. A particular challenge was the need for an area where repairs will be done. The construction of a single large room without intermediate supports and columns required a special architectural design to strengthen the building’s stability.

Apart from the premises where the work is carried out, there are also the offices. The special design of the staircase by Innovo Constructions is mesmerizing. Its wavy formation is inspired by the waves of the sea. The architectural jewelry of the business brings luxury, giving positive feelings to the customer. Its construction of metal and glass harmoniously integrates it into the aesthetic of the whole building.

During the construction, compliance with the schedule and full supervision of all the technicians resulted in a sound implementation of the architectural design. The enthusiastic entrepreneur has stepped in to see his vision come true. Innovo Constructions, with a dedicated workforce and years of experience in designing, constructing and renovating offices of high demands, has carried out the work with determination and efficiency.