Construction of residence in Kastri

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Construction of residence in Kastri 

A comfortable and flexible home offers moments of relaxation and rejuvenation 

Preparing a complete architectural design before starting a project and implementing it accordingly, is the most appropriate procedure. The construction of the residence in Kastri was completed alongside the design of its interior decoration. In this way, there is a guaranteed result worthwhile for expectations and avoid unnecessary actions and additional costs. The area expresses its inhabitants by ensuring a pleasant living while facilitating their day-to-day activities. 

Innovo Constructions have presented several proposals in the architectural design so that the final implementation solution represents the employer’s temperament. The presentation was made with two-dimensional drawings and photorealistic images for the complete understanding of the ergonomics and elegance of the rooms. 

All the rooms of the house were designed in terms of flexibility, functionality and obedience to the central concept of decoration. The architectural design of the facades of the building favors large openings by integrating the exterior with the interior. Thus, residents have the ability to gaze at the panoramic view wherever they stand. 

The decoration of the house is minimalist, highlighting the interior architecture of the property. A simple space with small decorative interventions is composed of geometric forms with straight lines and clear shapes. The large-sized tables give a distinct style to the atmosphere. The unique works of art inspire and accompany all the activities that take place in everyday life in the living room. 

The main material of the linings is wood and the color contrast that shapes the atmosphere is white and brown. These elegant color combinations blend harmoniously with each other without any absolute agreement. The walls and the ceiling are kept in light tones giving a light feel and bringing the brown furniture to the center of attention. Thanks to this warm and elegant atmosphere, the residents feel comfortable and relaxing in their living quarters.