Construction of Physiotherapy Center in Ilisia

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The rapid development of technology and the increase in competition make it imperative to build medical practices according to modern trends and specifications. The renovation of practice gives value to the person and shows respect for the patient’s needs. The empathy of the physician helps in physical healing as well as in the psychological coverage of the public for faster and better treatment results. The physiotherapy clinic in Ilisia, recognizing the need for modernization, instructed Innovo Constructions to design and construct it. 

The company during the construction of the clinic aimed to highlight the architectural, decorative and functional features of each space, always directed by the doctor’s requirements. The specialist was at the customer’s side throughout the design and the construction process, providing ongoing support and timing. The unique solution that has been implemented has upgraded all areas of the clinic and has made it a pole of attraction for people of all ages. 

The reception area with its new design calms the stressed patient with the warmth and friendly atmosphere. White is a clean and unobtrusive color. Combined with darker and grey shades, the monotony breaks down and creates an attractive space that inspires professionalism. The spacious sofas, the simple furnishings and the television allow comfortable waiting and entertainment for the audience while waiting. The choice on how to place furniture resembles a living room in a house. This makes the space more familiar. Remarkable is the wall with the curves that look like they give volume to the surface. Separating the office with the waiting area is done with a sandblasted glass that allows the sunlight to come in. 

Lighting is not just to illuminate. Luminous bodies of different types are used as valuable helpers to complete the practice. Lighting as a dominant factor of the decoration was designed especially for the waiting area. In the office-treatment rooms, the lighting is mainly functional in order to facilitate all medical and therapeutic activities. 

The floor of the clinic is covered with a tile of wood imitation. This new product gives the feel of wood without its negative elements. This tile meets all hygienic specifications; it can be cleaned easily, does not absorb moisture and does not rub. Its durability and the continuous movement of heavy objects and equipment make it the ideal solution for such spaces. 

The design and the selection of the professional logo was based on appearance and good taste. Anything fancy or very impressive would be dissuasive for patients. The choice of colors, contrasts with the surfaces that are placed so that it can stand out easily in the eye. 

So it becomes clear that nothing has happened in luck, everything was pre-designed to the smallest detail. Innovo Constructions worked methodically for the successful, aesthetic and functional configuration of the new physiotherapy clinic, making the doctor’s vision a reality. 

The doctor-patient relationship is a complex relationship characterized by many and difficult balances. The doctor, as well as the area in which he works, must inspire the patient for honest communication, since only so can he present all the information about his problem. The renovation of the physiotherapy clinic in Ilisia by Innovo Constructions contributes to this goal by helping their relationship. 

The company’s first priority was to understand the wishes and to fully meet the needs of the doctor. Through experience and expertise, Innovo has filtered all the above requirements and has made a complete proposal for a unique space both aesthetically and functionally. The creation of a friendly and calm atmosphere acts as a catalyst for the patient’s state of mind, reducing stress and negative thoughts. 

The reception area invites the public to get “lost” in warmth. The choice of furniture and equipment as well as its placement was made in order to create an entertaining environment. The purity of the white color comes in harmony with the gray shades, creating an attractive and stylish space that inspires professionalism. The coating of the floor with a tile of wood imitation contributes actively to the calm atmosphere. The new material meets all the hygienic requirements, eliminating all the negative elements of the wood. 

The aesthetic appearance of the clinic was completed with the implementation of the lighting design. In the waiting area, emphasis was placed on the visual comfort of the space, while in the office-treatment areas appropriate conditions were created to facilitate all medical and therapeutic actions. 

The detailed planning of all the elements and their harmonious integration into the space brings the balanced and unique result. Innovo Constructions worked with passion and imagination to make the construction of the clinic operational and aesthetically successful, worthy of expectations.