Construction of Physiotherapy Center in Agia Paraskevi

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Physiotherapy is the science that treats with natural methods diseases mainly based on the musculoskeletal system. Kinesitherapy and massage are the most common practices, combined with the use of physiotherapy equipment such as diathermy, electro may, ultrasound and Laser. However, in order to apply all these methods, appropriate spaces are also required. The renovation of the Physiotherapy Center in Agia Paraskevi was done with the aim of creating new spaces with a special emphasis on functionality and creating a pleasant environment for both patients and employees. 

The specialization of Innovo Constructions in the renovation of practices and the continuous training of the technicians have provided pioneering functional and aesthetic solutions to the design and the construction of the physiotherapy center. The balanced layout of the premises was a primary objective to make the movement of patients and therapists discreet and smooth. 

The warmth offered by the reception area positively predisposes the patient for subsequent rehabilitation procedures. The decoration with the stone wall creates a special, modern space, while harmonizing with the general decoration of the space, the floor and the furniture. The client – patient feels the environment as intimate and so he relaxes. The choice of earth colors on the surfaces contributes in the serene atmosphere. 

The wooden decorative strips start from the waiting room and continue on the corridors creating a visual continuity. The graphic design of all shows the special care for the physiotherapy center. To avoid the construction of a dark corridor that would cause insecurity and negativity, the hall doors were made of glass that is lightproof but protects the privacy of each space due to its color. 

The artificial lighting is as important as the natural lighting. The right combination of these two highlights harmoniously every corner and every basic space of the physiotherapy clinic. In the reception area, the central lighting offers more intense and diffused lighting. The lighting design has been done separately for each room, depending on the type of activity it hosts. Lighting is the last and the most important “touch” in shaping the spaces. It affects the mood and creates the ideal atmosphere for each activity. 

In order to support all new technological equipment and to achieve the optimum functionality of the premises, Innovo started with the installation of the new electromechanical systems. This avoids problems of damage that would soon arise from the old facilities. Future expansion of the activities of the physiotherapy room with new machinery and equipment has also been provided. 

Innovo Constructions has taken over all the stages of the production process, from the architectural design to the construction of the practice, ensuring the high quality, durability and aesthetics of the project up to the last detail through continuous supervision. Continuous collaboration with the physiotherapist has provided a new practice in line with its expectations, competitive with a modern profile, unique and modernized. 

The modernized physiotherapy center in Agia Paraskevi was designed and constructed by Innovo Constructions with an emphasis on functionality and the creation of a pleasant environment for both patients and employees. The company with its expertise in office renovation has completed all the challenges for the patient to be always satisfied. The balanced layout of the rooms allows the discreet and smooth movement of patients and therapists. 

In the waiting area, the stone lining combined with the earthly shades exudes an air of warmth and relaxation. The friendly atmosphere and intimate environment ensures a calm patient, as free as possible from unnecessary anxiety. Wooden decorative strips start from the reception area and continue in the hallway. This maintains visual continuity in the spaces. 

Natural light always affects positively the human psychosynthesis. In order for the sun to enter the corridor throughout the day, the doors were made of white glass, which is light transparent but not transparent. This protects the private moments of each patient. Artificial lighting plays an important role in the visual experience that the patient acquires. It defines forms, highlights colors and reveals textures. That is why it is combined perfectly with furnishing and decorating the physiotherapy room. 

For the smooth operation of all the equipment, mobile and fixed, the installation of the electromechanical systems was started from the beginning. This avoids any future problems of deterioration and damage due to age. The expansion of activities in the future with new machinery and advanced technological equipment has also been foreseen. 

The new physiotherapy center is unique, competitive, high aesthetics and worthy of expectations. The combination of Innovo Constructions’ long experience in the construction of practices combined with modern expertise and original ideas is what makes it stand out on the market.