Construction of pharmaceutical company premises in Agios Ioannis Rentis

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Construction of pharmaceutical company premises in Agios Ioannis Rentis 


The high value system of the pharmaceutical company S.M. Pharmaceuticals is reflected in its new facilities in Agios Ioannis Rentis. As a leader in healthcare, it promotes its integrity, credibility and contribution to the community through its advanced services in a fully modernized environment aiming at improving people’s quality of life. 

The businessman, in order to achieve his goal and his investment to have a guaranteed result, he worked with Innovo Constructions, the experienced technical company in the design and construction of professional premises. Initially, the existing situation was captured with full recording of cooling, heating, ventilation, electrical and mechanical equipment. Then the creative team, taking into consideration the increased needs for enlarged spaces, excellent organization, ergonomic layout and installation of modern equipment, proceeded with the elaboration of a comprehensive architectural design. 

The aesthetics of all spaces are harmonized according to the work done on it. This results in excellent working conditions for more efficient results. Aesthetics affect the employee’s psychology, causing optimism and positive emotions, while functionality facilitates day-to-day life in the company. Multiple storage spaces allow the organized storage of multiple documents and products while keeping the classroom and aesthetics of the premises high. 

Special spaces, such as the reception desk and the director’s office, were designed and presented in photorealistic images to make their construction worthy of expectations. The thrifty minimalistic mood reception line blends harmoniously with the room, creating an explosive contrast to the company’s large bright sign at the top. The director’s office has very different aesthetics. The wooden lining creates a feeling of warmth, friendliness and relaxation in a familiar environment for the customer. 

Innovo Constructions completed the renovation of S.M. Pharmaceuticals consistently in form and delivery time. Making full use of the potential of human and professional space aim at advanced services of the company for the future development of the company and its increased competitiveness.