Construction of hair salon in Athens

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Construction of hair salon in Athens 

The minimalistic mood of the salon in Athens 

Every headdress must express the person, as each personality is different, match the style of hair with the character and the person himself so he can support it every day. At the salon in Athens, hairdressers are artists and create unique hairstyles and trendy hairdressings in a welcoming and serene space with fully modernized facilities ideal to meet any need. 

The procedure for the construction of the hair salon began from the architectural design so that the company can be upgraded both functionally and aesthetically at the lowest possible cost. At the same time, by ensuring the architectural design of the result, the owner feels safe and confident about his investment, reducing his stress. 

During the construction of the project, the entrepreneur saw the architectural design becoming a reality. Innovo Constructions faithfully adhered to the timeline to turn photorealistic pictures into true photographs. Thus, in the decoration of the salon, the whiteness of the compositions refers to purity, emphasizing the color variations of hairdressing. Black touches emphasize the seriousness and professionalism of the business. The vitality of the rooms is enhanced with original decorative details, which make the store special and unique. 

The light directs the emotion, shaping the atmosphere, which is warm, calm and welcoming. Extensive mirrors allow the customer to be constantly in contact with all of the room throughout his hair care. This enhances the sense of security and collectivity. 

The identity of the new store is the result of the cooperation of the entrepreneur with the specialized company in the construction and renovation of the hairdressing salons, Innovo Constructions. With consistence and determination, the technicians adopt the space and modernizes it according to new trends and developments. Therefore, the result inspires intimacy, thanks to which the customer is more easily expressed, giving the hairdresser a clear description of the desired style.