Construction of Gynecologi Clinic

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The gynecologist plays a catalytic role in the effort of modern woman to take care of her health, to prevent disease, to procreate and to provide for a good quality and healthy life. A beautiful and stylish venue, equipped with modern high tech machinery, cultivates the optimism of the woman and the credibility of the quality of the clinic services. The renovation of Mr. Rotas’ practice was based on the best service of the woman, whether it is a patient or a visitor. 

In this modern gynecology clinic, the woman feels familiar because the environment is comfortable and friendly with simple and modern decoration. Innovo Constructions designed and completed the construction of the clinic with consistency and determination, paying attention to the smallest detail. The discrete flow of traffic and the protection of the identity of the individual, when it becomes necessary, played a very important role in the arrangement of the spaces. The functionality and aesthetics of the practice show the respect for the woman and her increased needs. 

For these reasons, the reception area is separated from the waiting area. The reception in a simple design accepts the incoming patient and guides her either to the living room or to the doctor’s office. In the waiting area, the original constructions with the blue hidden light on the wall attract the interest of the visitors. The two luminous lanes around the spacious living rooms look like creating a light gate around the opening of the door. 

Artificial lighting highlights its forms, textures, decoration, shapes the atmosphere and contributes to the visual comfort of the individual. The lighting plays the leading role in decorative objects. Creating shades of light creates a mysterious atmosphere, giving you a sense of spaciousness. With the help of lighting, the image of the spaces and their aesthetics are fully transformed. 

The walls and the decorative recesses of plasterboard are highlighted by gray shades, offering sophisticated styles in the practice area. The gray color makes the space atmospheric and modern, professional and serious. Its combination of more intense colors makes the room more “cheerful” and gives character to the practice. 

Overall, the clinic manages to deliver credibility and uniqueness. At the same time, however, it remains intensely clear in lines and images, striking a balance between functionality and contemporary aesthetic perception of an area that has as its subject the woman herself. Innovo Constructions respects the role that the gynecologist and his clinic play in this high-end task. The new gynecological clinic of high standards has all the equipment and so can always be next to the woman offering its services, with a unique focus on health and well-being. 

The role of the gynecologist in the physical and psychological health of the woman is decisive. Mr. Rotas, through this high sense of responsibility towards the female sex, addressed Innovo Constructions to renovate his practice in line with new trends and developments. Taking into account the desires and the demands of the doctor, the company proceeded with the presentation of a comprehensive proposal that respects the woman’s needs and facilitates the gynecologist in his work. 

The modern gynecological clinic has an intimate setting ideal for the hospitality of women of all ages. The company designed and completed the construction of the clinic with determination, respecting the privacy and the personality of each woman individually. For this reason, the waiting area is separated from the reception and the service area. The employee at the front desk regulates the direction of entrants to the clinic. The imagination of the company’s designers has created an original construction on the wall of the waiting area, which makes the waiting time more pleasant. 

Playing with light sources and hidden lights create shapes and shades giving unique results. The light completely transforms the image of the spaces, highlighting its forms and aesthetics. The serene and comfortable atmosphere is primarily determined by the brightness of the room and its contrasts. 

Gray shades on walls, decorative recesses of plasterboard and furniture create a space that inspires professionalism and seriousness. This sophisticated style gets a more “joyful” expression when combined with some intense color. 

Clean lines and modern applications define the new image of the gynecology clinic by balancing functional ergonomics with high aesthetics in an area that primarily belongs to a woman. Innovo Constructions has created an up-to-date gynecology clinic of high standards that has all the equipment to always be next to the woman, offering services for her health and well-being.