Construction of a Travel Agency in Athens

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An office that is different from the usual, accommodating with ease, inspires creative work and facilitates activities with its ergonomic design. This is the travel agency in Athens, designed according to the modern world standards of famous offices with increased workforce.

The creative team of Innovo Constructions, with the appropriate technical training and long-term experience, with inspiration and imagination, created a unique place respecting the needs of the employee for his efficient work. The industrial style with minimal decoration leaves the spirit of individuals free and promotes creativity. It is the style that can cover every preference leaving the employee to add his own touch and give an impressive result.

During the renovation of the office, the primary consideration for the designers was to finalize the new layout in order to ensure the functionality and privacy of the premises. The adaptation of the existing heating – cooling and ventilation installations during the construction of the office according to the new layout of the premises was made after the extensive architectural design of the new needs of the premises.

The materials used in the decoration are visible concrete, metal and glass. The glass acts as a divider allowing sound isolation of the offices and visual integration of all so that no one feels isolated. At the same time, all building materials, piping, cabling, lighting are evident, avoiding unnecessary decoration. For the equipment of the rooms, the choice of shades is partly done in bright colors to create a friendly, interesting and warm atmosphere full of vitality and optimism. An exception is the meeting space where the false ceiling installation creates a more intimate environment for business visitors and customers.

The sophisticated style demonstrates the seriousness and professionalism of the business. The adoption of state-of-the-art equipment in an advanced space both functionally and aesthetically promotes commercialism and creativity, giving value to the investment.