Construction of a playground in Kamatero

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Construction of a playground in Kamatero 

The playground in Kamatero that impresses 

The modernized and upgraded playground in Kamatero promises unforgettable moments full of magic and fun! Inflatable toys, slides, towers captured through fairy tales ensure the pleasant stay of the children, while escorts or parents can relax in the beautiful landscaped area with the ability to watch children wherever they are sitting. 

How, however, did the businessperson achieve this exquisite and attractive result? By finding in Innovo Constructions the ideal partner. Innovo’s team with experience and technical training listened to the entrepreneur’s vision and combined it with the increased needs of children for a functional and colorful outcome. With the primary goal of ensuring the safety of all guests, the company has created a multi-entertainment venue, ideal for organizing meetings or parties. 

The renovation of the playground began with the new installation of the electrical and mechanical systems, according to the design and layout of the property. Partial or total replacement of heating and cooling systems and ventilation and modification of plumbing facilities create comfort conditions for both young and older visitors and employees. This ensures the proper operation of the business without children having access to plugs and switches. 

Completing the construction of the playground, the start-up signal for the installation of the huge manufacture of multiple games was given. This was a separate architectural design so that the volume, its functions and the way of its support perfectly matched the requirements and the decoration of the venue. Due to the large free height of the property, the manufacture stretches over two floors, giving the children plenty of space to move and let off steam. 

The design and distribution of the spaces allow infants to enjoy the games and allow parents and escorts to enjoy their beverage or refreshment with ease. So young and older visitors are happy and they have a smile of joy painted on their faces when leaving the playground.