Construction of a playground in Ilion

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Construction of a playground in Ilion 

The colorful playground in Ilion 

What is a playground? A family entertainment area offers fun to the children and relaxation to the adults. As it is addressed to children, it is understood that aesthetics, functionality, safety and accident prevention measures must be thoroughly studied and tailored to the needs of our young friends. 

The businessperson at Ilion, envisioning a modern venue with varied activities for young and older children and worked with Innovo Constructions to build his playground. The company, committed to the public to offer the best for the whole family, with passion and imagination created an original business full of color and entertainment. 

When then designers started designing the playground, they initially focused on the right layout and functional organization to make it easier for children to move around. Special attention has been given to the placement of tables, chairs near each play area so that the parent – escort can be close to his / her child, and have full supervision. 

Regarding the decoration of the playground, pop style parallels the daring of mixing intense colors with the liveliness and endless energy of the children. The playful mood is transmitted from the colored surfaces to the soul of the people who visit the playground. 

For the equipment of the playground, there was a customized design of the toys to fully serve the needs of the venue. The high quality of the materials and their construction according to European standards ensures the safety of the children and the parent’s complacency. 

At the playground in Ilion, the hospitable and cheerful environment excites the visitors and offers escape from the usual dull colors of the city. The playground gives the whole family the opportunity to spend some pleasant hours together in the same place, as everyone can be entertained separately according to their age and interests.