Café Construction in Petroupoli

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Café Construction in Petroupoli 

When talking about a cafe, what is the first thing that comes to our minds? Reliability, relaxation, enjoyment of unique beverages enjoying with friends. This is how it seems that every coffee shop area determines the reputation of food & beverage venues and how many people it can attract. 

The entrepreneur-owner of the Petroupoli café, wanting to give value to his investment and create a popular hangout for customers, contacted Innovo Constructions to create his own place. The company’s technician have worked with imagination to renovate the cafeteria, giving the new space a distinct design that reflects the style of the era in relation to the location of the property and the corporate identity the businessman had in mind. 

The industrial style of decoration helps shape the attractive and functional environment by highlighting the products and services offered to the public. The dark shades (black and gray) combined with the brown colors of wood make a friendly and cheerful result. Lighting works harmoniously with architecture and decoration, giving vivacity and romance. 

The equipment and decorative elements used express and highlight the particular style of the cafe within an integrated frame. The coating of the walls with stone gives warmth to the atmosphere and its combination with the black metallic elements determines the overall style of the space. The ergonomic design of the bar and the flexible structures were the last detail designed for their harmonious and functional integration into the space. 

The comfortable and friendly ambience both indoors and outdoors is the ideal destination for resting the person by escaping from everyday worries and anxiety. Innovo Constructions, undertaking the architectural design and the construction of the cafeteria, joined its forces with the entrepreneur to create the tasteful and modern cafe-bar that captivates the senses.