Cafe - bistro construction in Panormou

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Cafe – bistro construction in Panormou 

The French and Greek tradition “marry” in the café – bistro of Panormou 

Bistro cafeterias first appeared in France but slowly began to spread all over the world. Their integration into Greek society has become smoothly, as fast, simple and quality food is keeping up with the fast-paced daily routine. The combination of coffee and bistro is the ultimate combination for rejuvenation and empowerment throughout the day. 

The warmest and most hospitable corner of Athens is located in Panormou, at the café – bistro Lateau. The entrepreneur wishing to bring Parisian air to his fellow citizens worked with Innovo Constructions to make the result of the design and the construction undoubtedly desirable. The French atmosphere of a cozy space is married to the Greek tradition and offers the public a unique experience of eating and relaxing. 

Stone, white woods and colorful tones decoration are the setting in which the customer is invited to enjoy his coffee and his delicacies. The lighting in the cafe highlights the beauty of the bistro and the attractive details of the decoration of the environment. The high aesthetics and the uncomplicated design of the store contribute to the products’ promotion inviting the customer to taste a variety of flavors. Consumers enchanted by the pleasant environment have more time in it, increasing the chances of making additional shopping options. 

The design of the inox equipment of the store was made exclusively for this particular property. This has ensured optimal ergonomics by facilitating the employee in his daily routine. At the same time, the utilization of the space of ​​the shop is achieved, leaving as much free space as possible for the dining rooms and the consumers’ passageways. 

The French tradition meets Athenian modernization in a harmonious and balanced outcome. Innovo Constructions, following the customer’s pulse and the origin of the bistro, created a modern and functional space. The new flagship store is the favorite meeting point for French gastronomy lovers.