Café - Bar Renovation in Ilioupoli

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Café – Bar Renovation in Ilioupoli 

The renovation of the café-bar in Ilioupoli was a challenge that required special handling and an architectural design. The location of the business in a central location of the area and the existence of many other competitive venues around raised the question of finding the ideal solution for a renovation to revive the place and attract new customers. 

With this concern, the businessperson entrusted Innovo Constructions, the specialized company in the renovation and the construction of food and beverage venues. Initially, trained designers listening to the wishes and needs of the owner proceeded to the elaboration of a complete architectural design, which was presented with drawings and photorealistic images. By finalizing the final composition of the proposal, the optimum work plan was decided to keep the space closed for customers for the shortest possible time. Applying the timetable ensured the entrepreneur’s complacency about his investment, the result and the time of delivery of the project. 

The architectural design envisaged changing the bar position. In this way, the functionality of the store was improved by expanding the area of ​​the trench chairs and making it easier for the employees to provide faster service to the public. At the same time, the new bar of modern aesthetics is perceived by the passer from the sidewalk, inviting him to come in for a unique relaxation experience in the cozy and warm atmosphere of the cafeteria. 

A special feature of the store is its roof, which in the evening looks like a starry sky in the evening. The glossy film combined with the multiple scattered optical fibers that have been placed at various points create the amazing effect that attracts the audience’s eye and excites the interest. 

The invitation for Innovo Constructions to undertake the architectural design and the construction of the store was a delightful challenge. The goal for an all-day venue was achieved by satisfying the customer who receives discerning luxury through friendly and professional service.