Café - Bar Renovation in Anavissos

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Café – Bar Renovation in Anavissos 

Innovo Constructions, with many years of experience, has extensive knowledge of restaurant renovation so that the customer feels comfortable and enjoyable. At the same time Innovo is aware of the needs of a cafeteria – bar for the ergonomic arrangement of its equipment so that the employees can make their everyday life easier. 

For the above reasons, the entrepreneur of the café – bar in Anavyssos found the ideal partner in the company’s team. The experience and consistency of Innovo’s technicians is a guarantee for a flawless result worthy of expectations. The architectural design was implemented consistently in form and timing. So the space was upgraded aesthetically but also functionally. 

The renovation of the store was completed in shades of brown and gold, giving seriousness and opulence to the atmosphere. The cozy and large bar promises moments of relaxation and recreation away from the tiring everyday life. The whole scene completes the necessary living rooms on straight lines, but with a technique to make them look and feel comfortable. The equilibrium of bright – dark and hot – cold make the space invigorating and relaxing without overshadowing its modern aura. 

Lighting is the culmination of all, providing a distinctive aesthetic that creates memories and emotions. Hidden lighting, upholstery, painting styles, wooden wall coverings and various decorative items, enriches the decoration of the cafeteria. The flooring is made with a square tile of high-tint, brown color to fit perfectly with the whole store. 

The new store refers to a cafe of older times, with gold-plated chandeliers, leather sofas and wooden elements. The redefining the identity of the cafe-bar in Anavyssos attracts the audience again by promising a luxurious hospitality and impeccable service. The refreshed and cheerful image of the store exploiting the space to the fullest highlights its uniqueness and offers comfort to its customers.