Café - Bar Construction in Nea Smyrni

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Café – Bar Construction in Nea Smyrni 

The frozen yogurt with its infinite benefits also makes its appearance in Greece! Due to the strong consumer appeal and demand, especially in the summer months, the second Yoomoo chain opens in Nea Smyrni, consolidating its presence in the southern suburbs. In addition to frozen yogurt, pastries, coffee and cold drinks are available based on frozen yoghurt. 

The design and the construction of Yoomoo stores belongs to Innovo Constructions, the specialized company in the creation of innovative, functional and hospitable dining areas. Originally, the creative team sought out the needs and goals of this store as it is a pioneering kind of store in the Greek territory. Innovo team then proceeded to the architectural design according to modern standards and modern aesthetics. 

The operation of the business is based on self-service of consumers. Therefore, ice cream makers and the bar are open to the public inviting them to make their own combinations. Special signage and thoughtful graphic design give the guidelines that once a person enters the site; he is directly oriented and driven to the points that can be served. The employee in the area works auxiliary, offering drinks and other sweets to the public. Upon completion of customer choices, the employee will weigh and calculate the final cost of the purchases. 

During the design of the auxiliary areas, particular importance was given to facilitating mothers and their babies. A separate nursing and baby care room with all the necessary equipment is available for use by customers whenever it is needed. 

Children, adolescents, adults, women, men are attracted to cool with the unique tastes of this healthy dessert in a modern store, spending unforgettable hours of fun and relaxation. Each customer becomes both an artist and a chef, creating the unique enjoyable experience that will take him off.