Café - Bar Construction in Megara

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Café – Bar Construction in Megara 

The impressive transformation of the café – bar in Megara 

The coffee bar operator in Megara, in order to achieve his goal for an eccentric and “warm” space that will host customers throughout the day, has collaborated with Innovo Constructions, the specialized company in finding solutions in complex situations and in Restaurant renovation. 

Originally, the creative team with passion and imagination imprinted the old coffee – bar, marking the needs of the entrepreneur, the points of change and construction. At the same time, he included all the equipment and the table-set that the owner had chosen to keep and partly ordered. 

Completing the construction of the store, the construction of the second bar along the space is a major step forward. Its aesthetics is in harmony with the original bar while it is also innovating by using fridges – showcases on its back. Their red hue is in sharp contrast to the black elements of the space, stimulating the senses, revitalizing and giving power to the customers. At the same time, as an imperial color, it inspires respect, formality but also hides a mystery. 

Another original construction of the store is the roof. Black iron bars separate the glossy elastic membrane into large triangles, giving style and identity to the space. Reflections give the impression that the cafeteria does not have a specific height limit. 

The choice of luminaires according to the lighting design is the culmination of all. Floor-mounted, hanging lamps, spotlights, hidden lights work together to highlight the shapes and shape a warm and welcoming atmosphere that gains versatility according to the actions that take place in the store. 

In short, the aesthetics goes hand in hand with ergonomics for the best service and comfort of the privacy and the hospitality of various activities in the area. From one moment to the next, the café-bar in Megara can be transformed from a relaxing place into a lively environment full of tension, lights and music perfect for party parties.