Butchers' renovation in Hassia

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Butchers’ renovation in Hassia

The impressive and fully modernized butcher shop in Hassia


When we think of a butcher shop, the mind usually goes to the commodity rather than the place of sale. Yet, the butcher shop in Hassia makes the difference! Escaping from established standards, the entrepreneur chooses to highlight his merchandise thanks to the aesthetics and modernization of his store.

The key to success for the complete renovation of the butchery was the collaboration with Innovo Constructions, the specialized company in the design and the construction of professional premises. The goal of the businessperson was that the decoration would follow the renovation in the broadest sense of the term. New materials and sophisticated solutions have been combined with the increased needs of the butchery located in a central part of the area. Thus, the optimal layout and ergonomic functionality of the space was initially ensured and then aesthetic interventions followed.

The trading of meat becomes evident and is a central element of the new style of the store. The butcher, meaning understandably that he nothing has to hide, allows the customer to come into direct eye contact with the products so that he comes to the choices that satisfy him. In this way, it gains public trust by making them future permanent customers.

The butcher’s decoration is in earthy tones, placing a special emphasis on the lighting. The bright and stylish signage works as a trademark for the consumer. The original facade and the unique fridge outside of the store impress the passer-by approaching the store. In the interior, stone and wood make up a more traditional scenery balanced in harmony with the modernized ensemble. The layout of the furniture and the equipment in the butcher’s shop improves the flow and enhances the commerciality of the store.

The right choice of equipment, the ergonomic design of furniture, the functionality and the commercial architecture are in perfect harmony with the new style of the store. The daily demands of the consumer are fully met by introducing the butcher’s potential into ever-increasing competition.