Burger restaurant renovation at Ilion

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Burger restaurant renovation at Ilion 

The amazing “Jazz Burger Bar” in Ilion 

Many entrepreneurs wonder if it would be worthwhile to make a renovation in their store, investing money and time. The key to success is finding the right partner to make the investment have value and purpose. The type and size of the renovation will determine the changes to be made by reducing the stress of the owner and making the investment more efficient. 

The renovation and the construction of the burger restaurant in Ilion began after the owner had extensive discussions with Innovo Constructions on the new style of the tore, the quality of the materials and the time required for the store to remain closed. Thus, the creative team proceeded to measure the store, to record the needs of the investor and to mark the old equipment that would be re-incorporated into the design. By the end of the architectural design and the beginning of the project, the catering area continued to function and serve its everyday customers. 

At the beginning of the operation, there was complete scheduling and timetable implementation. The proper cooperation of the technicians under the supervision of the company’s engineer ensured the proper implementation of the architectural design and the avoidance of unnecessary mistakes that would cost time and money. The renovation of the store also provided the opportunity to solve operational needs, stimulating its professional image. 

The dominant element of the decoration is the coating of the walls with stone and its “Jazz” style. The industrialized version of the store attracts the attention of passers-by over the decorative details that adorn the surroundings. The Jazz character becomes apparent wherever the customer looks, with notes, photos, styles, albums, saxophones. 

The new space is designed to maximize efficiency due to comfort, organization, ergonomic solutions and aesthetics. It is clear that Innovo Constructions designs each restaurant for the entrepreneur himself, his employees and his clients.