Bookstore renovation in Spata

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Bookstore renovation in Spata

McArthur Shopping Center acquires a special bookstore

A project with many demands! The large area of ​​the property, the limitations and the obligation to comply with the shopping center specifications, and the need for a large bulk and many different types of merchandise were the key elements that constituted a major challenge for Innovo Constructions.

The NAKAS Book House store, seeking the ideal construction company to commission the bookstore that will determine the valuable image of the brand, has found Innovo Constructions as the worthy partner and the valuable consultant. The new store is now an emblem for the area and attraction for both young and old.

The creative team, aware of the demanding task they were called to accomplish, initially captured the needs of the employer. Then, capturing the property and coming in contact with the mall managers, the company was able to see what the demands of the store were to make it perfectly functional with respect to the specifications while covering the needs of the bookstore at the same time.

Having all of the above parameters, planning and searching for the central idea began. The industrial character determined the new identity of the NAKAS Book House store. Black metal, light-colored wooden shelves and stone lining emerge a warm and creative feel. The ingenious yellow line enhances the sophisticated style by encouraging reading and spontaneous purchases.

An important element in the construction of the bookstore was the classification of the goods in order that the new entrant would not be lost and discouraged. Thus, special signage and merchandising techniques were applied to the direct orientation of the individual within the space.

The goal of a modern and modernized bookstore, which is ergonomically designed, and with a feeling of high aesthetics was achieved by finding a convenient ground for the buying public. Gathering a huge collection of books of varied specialties for all ages and with a place for reading and meditation, this is the paradise of all book-lovers.