Architectural Design of a Travel Agency in Athens

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Times change and changes are reflected in the current design trends of business premises and offices. Minimalism is the style of modern times that prevails in large workplaces, so the environment is not distracting but serious and elegant. 

Innovo Constructions completed the design for the construction of the travel agency in Athens with inspiration and consistency in form and functionality, adopting global standards and applying modern techniques. The minimalistic style is enhanced by industrial decoration to give the store its unique identity. The materials are used in their natural state with minimal processing. Steel, metal, wood, exposed concrete, glass are the basic elements that make up the industrial space. 

Minimalism offers solutions that save space, leaving the spirit of the individual free for creative work. Black and white shades create intense contrasts in a laconic and modern professional space. Particular emphasis was placed on the manufacture of furniture and the color selection of the equipment in order to avoid a “cold” workplace. The orange “touches” at various points of the rooms give vivacity and warmth to the atmosphere. 

During the architectural design of the agency, special attention was paid to the facilities so that comfort conditions facilitate efficient work. The existing cooling-heating and ventilation systems were initially captured and their improvements were then proposed to keep up with the new office layout. The electrical and mechanical installations have been chosen to be installed almost from the outset in order to achieve complete modernization of the space and to have complete control of the systems, avoiding any damage due to either wear or insufficient supply. 

The professionalism, the seriousness and the modernization of the offices proves the respect of the employer to the employee, encouraging him to do his utmost every day. This makes the business more productive and competitive by making more profits.