Architectural Design and Construction of the Opthalmology Clinic in Kifisias Avenue

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Doctors often concentrate only on their scientific knowledge, considering that they are sufficient to attract patients and trust them. However, the patient judges overall his / her experience within the clinic once he / she crosses the entrance until he / she leaves the clinic. The friendly and calm atmosphere, the comfortable environment, the helpfulness and the man-centered approach of the doctor, the specialization and the efficiency of the scientist are factors that contribute to the physical and psychological state of the human being. 

The ophthalmology clinic in Kifisias Avenue is a typical example where the construction of a clinic was made with a primary focus on the needs of patients of all ages. Innovo Constructions, responsibly and consistently with the physician’s expectations, has created a modern space for modern citizens. All the constructions are made of high quality and durable materials that meet the requirements of the practice. Attention to detail shows the patient that the ophthalmologist is taking care of the space, so he respects and cares for himself. 

Earthy colors in furniture choices contradict the whiteness of the walls that emphasize cleanliness. The combination gives depth, style and distinctive character in each space. The intimate atmosphere and the “warm” environment positively affect the patients’ psychology. The reception area consists of a spacious living room with a stylish reception in a simple design. Its ergonomics allow the employee to discreetly hide behind it by protecting his privacy. The doctor’s office is in a single area with the examination room for greater convenience to him and the patient. 

A special element of the ophthalmologist is the specially designed area and the independent dental care for children. Childhood ophthalmology is a branch not very widespread in Greek territory. The amazingly painted wall in conjunction with the children’s compositions creates a paradise that no child wants to come out of. So the waiting time passes pleasantly, the child’s anxiety is eliminated and the parents do not need to constantly hunt them and fight with them for quietness until its turn. 

The design of the lighting has been a special challenge as it redefines the interaction between light and dark areas, that is, between light and shadow. Harmony in these relationships makes the clinic look like it has a sense of optimism, so that attention focuses on the illuminated volumes, the surfaces, the edges, the textures of the materials, the colors, and the various functions. 

The new modernized ophthalmology clinic has become a pole of attraction for patients of all ages. Innovo Constructions has successfully completed another practice renovation by providing support to the customer after the project has been completed. Thus, construction is a long-term investment thanks to its flexibility and quality. 

The construction of the clinic in Kifisias Avenue is an example to imitate for its modernization and care for patients of all ages. Innovo Constructions, having the experience of many well-integrated clinics, designed with passion and imagination the new space with the primary objective of satisfying the needs of the patients. During the architectural design and during the construction, particular attention was paid to the detail, because the difference appears there. 

The reception – waiting room and the examination room – office are painted in earth colors. The “warm” and friendly atmosphere positively affects the patient by reducing stress and anxiety. All the furniture and the equipment of the clinic are of high quality, durable and high standard. Their individualization helps them in the flexibility and functionality of the premises. 

The specialization of the doctor in pediatric ophthalmology made it imperative for a separate waiting area for young friends. The fairy tale world includes children’s furniture, toys, and a stunning painting on one wall. 

This environment acts as a catalyst in the child’s state of mind, making the waiting look like a toy, without yelling and crying. The parent chooses to visit this clinic after seeing his child happy, having a good time. 

The lighting design has played a major role in highlighting the decoration and shaping the desired environment. The combination of different sources of illumination creates a unique harmony in the space according to the activities taking place in it. 

The new premises of the ophthalmology clinic respects the needs of patients of all ages. Innovo Constructions with continuous training and appropriate expertise in practice renovation has completed the project with consistency and determination. The specialization of the clinic is emphasized in an original way making the space reliable and competitive.