Generally, every pharmacy has defined functions related to health and beauty. So, do you wonder how you can make your store stand out? How to attract new customers and tempt them by targeting your sales growth? The solution lies in changing the image that the buyer has for your pharmacy. The design and the construction of an amazing pharmacy in Vari is an ideal example of modernization and aesthetics of a pharmacy upgrade.

The special and individual design of each project by Innovo Constructions leads to the creation of original solutions and unique structures so that each business stands out. Undertaking the construction of the pharmacy in Vari, Innovo worked with passion, dedication and imagination. The differentiation of aesthetics, on the façade and in the interior, makes it self-promoted, making its presence distinct among the many pharmacies that exist nowadays.

After inventing the challenges and expectations of the pharmacist as a scientist and as a businessperson for renovating the pharmacy, the designers have been inspired and finalized the identity of the store. The pharmacy of nature has been a timeless treasure of health, well-being and healing for the improvement or restoration of human health. Therefore, the goal was to construct a pharmacy of nature generously given to all who apart from looking nice, it would also be next to the human being.

Such a store could not have a conventional showcase and signage. The company knows that visual communication (merchandising) starts from the facade. The scenery with the imposing and original signage, with the “branches” displaying the products and with the light gate inviting passers-by to pass it, predisposes the buying public for the style, products and services of the pharmacy. White lighting in the window showcase highlights the products by projecting them. Color lighting is used to highlight the type of store so that it can be seen from a long distance. The attention to detail and the purity of the forms makes the difference.

Entering the pharmacy, the imposing, luminous, ceiling-mounted constructions predispose the customer to the extraordinary and worthwhile products that are at their core. The feeling which is created remains indelible in the memory of the newcomer. Personalized reception desks promote the development of human relationships through discussions and tips with discretion and comfort. All the equipment of the pharmacy serves the style of the pharmacy and at the same time, it is qualitative, practical, and functional. The design and construction of its furniture is exclusive, thus giving him his special character. The courteous and trained staff assist the orientation and clear path of the customer is browsing into the store as they can serve him everywhere.

The materials of the investments, the decorative elements and the optimal appearance of the products are determined by the choice of lighting fixtures and lighting techniques. The application of the lighting design is the “cherry on the cake” to highlight all shapes and shape the atmosphere. The tranquil, welcoming, pleasant environment harmonizes the style of the pharmacy and helps in the long stay of the public for further shopping. Space and lighting contribute to the warm atmosphere that inspires confidence and professionalism.

Designed, operationally and commercially, by Innovo Constructions, the pharmacy in Vari improves the visibility of products by encouraging customers to spontaneously purchase. Now there is the infrastructure to increase customer base, increase the average transaction with each customer and increase the number of transactions with each one. Combining all of these, the pharmacist is able to increase revenue significantly and the buyer leaving the pharmacy feels satisfied.

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