Renovation of Childrenswear store in Kefalonia

Renovating a store with childrenswear requires a special architectural design in order to create a fashionable space that expresses the young ages and has personal style and character. The need for a complete decoration and equipment solution is great and varies due to increased competition in the market.

Shoe store renovation in Ambelokipi

The shoe store in Ambelokipi is a modern venue that hosts shoes for all tastes and needs. Their basic feature is comfort as it is a commodity with anatomy.The cooperation of the entrepreneur with Innovo Constructions for the architectural design and the construction of his shoe store was a guarantee for the integrity of the store.

Furs store construction in Plaka

There is one way to give a man magnificent style to his particular appearances: to wear something furry! In modern times, fur, mainly due to its high cost of purchasing, is a symbol of luxury.