INNOVO Constructions: We create the home of your dreams, combining style with comfort, functionality, ergonomics and lighting!
Our company undertakes the construction, renovation and decoration of homes, according to your personal style and your requirements.

The shell, the arrangement of the interior and the surroundings are designed according to your needs, aesthetics, functionality, ergonomics and lighting.

Our skilled and efficient staff has the necessary expertise and experience to create bioclimatic buildings, both residential, and commercial or industrial purposes within or outside cities.

Original ideas applied to buildings of permanent residence in order to achieve a high quality result.

See how is done a home renovation.

Decoration of residence in Koropi

Over the years, the art of decoration has seen many forms and variations. Each form is a style influenced by the features of each era. The classic decoration, which we find in the residence in Koropi, has its long-lasting character, creating elegant sets.

Construction of residence in Kastri

Preparing a complete architectural design before starting a project and implementing it accordingly, is the most appropriate procedure. The construction of the residence in Kastri was completed alongside the design of its interior decoration. In this way, there is a guaranteed result worthwhile for expectations and avoid unnecessary actions and additional costs.

Decoration of residence in Haidari

The new image and aesthetics of the house is a unique combination of interior architecture and design. Innovo Constructions has consistently and discreetly proceeded to solve functional and aesthetic issues, giving value to investment and human everyday life.

Renovation of residence in Piraeus

Comfort and elegance are the key elements around which the interior decoration began. The new dwelling now serves its full functional needs and follows the modern aesthetic decoration. The transformation of the house radically changed the family life.

Renovation of residence in Agios Ioannis Rentis

The owner of the house in Agios Ioannis Rentis after an extensive search, found the right partner in Innovo Constructions. The solution of functional and aesthetic needs aims at the renewal and the qualitative upgrading of everyday life. The result is a home in contemporary decoration style that functions as a quiet and comfortable haven.