INNOVO Constructions: We create colorful, friendly and functional places, so attendants and children to spend pleasant time!
Our company undertakes the construction, renovation and decoration of playgrounds, so kids can come in and be forgotten! Multicolored bright friendly spaces for children and comfortable waiting spaces for attendants, created by our skilled and efficient staff, in accordance with the specifications and requirements of the client.

Original ideas and innovative materials, applied, to achieve high quality results.

As we see in the pictures, we have the ability to transform an event space to a paradise for children. Our specialized team emphasizes on safety and functionality.

The configuration process goes through three stages you can see here: construction stages

In INNOVO, we manufacture furniture exclusively for your own playground, adjust them in your style, so you can stand out. Comfortable and functional furniture for children and adults. See here: Furniture for your playground, just for you!

Construction of the kindergarten in Piraeus

The goal of a competitive playground that will provide a lot of play and pleasure to children with physical exercise and relaxation, socialization and interaction is now a reality. Comfort and entertainment are the privilege of both young and older visitors!

Renovation of the kindergarten in Glyfada

The attractive and dreamy pre-school area with the highest standards is located in Glyfada. The renovation of the playground creates the conditions for the first stop of the child's life to be the start for a fun trip in the field of education, exploration and imagination.

Construction of a playground in Ilion

At the playground in Ilion, the hospitable and cheerful environment excites the visitors and offers escape from the usual dull colors of the city. The playground gives the whole family the opportunity to spend some pleasant hours together in the same place, as everyone can be entertained separately according to their age and interests.

Decoration of the playground in Kalamata

The central idea for decorating the playground is the creation of a castle where all activities are hosted. The facade of the playground inclines the passerby towards what he will meet once he walks through the entrance.

Renovation of playground - children's club in Keratsini

The colorful and playful style of the children's club in Keratsini "speaks" to the children's souls, causing more intense expression of emotions to spree. Dance is a means of expression that does not allow limitations.

Construction of a playground in Kamatero

The design and distribution of the spaces allow infants to enjoy the games and allow parents and escorts to enjoy their beverage or refreshment with ease. So young and older visitors are happy and they have a smile of joy painted on their faces when leaving the playground.