INNOVO Constructions: Where the right design brings the customer close to your products. Innovative design, complete and impressive results. Our company undertakes the decoration, construction and renovation of pharmacies with a design that brings the customer close to the products. Our client’s demands combined with his personal style and the ergonomics of the area deliver superior end results. This high level of quality is reached through the application of original ideas and the usage of innovative materials from our specialized team.
While constructing a Pharmacy we give special care in the spaciousness of the reception in order to achieve an excellent customer service. Functional display windows, rest rooms and unique furniture are adapted in order to express the pharmacist and his customers.

In a pharmacy renovation we take into account the drug preparation areas, the mobile pharmacy parts as well as the amount of work, in order to achieve the maximum efficiency of the stuff and the optimal layout of the site.

The methodical design and organization of the furniture aims at the maximum utilization of space and proper distribution of the products in it. Beyond the range of ready-made furniture that you can see here: Pharmacy equipment, we are able to manufacture original furniture exclusively for your space; unique creations that will represent you and your store.

Pharmacy Construction in Afidnes

The decoration of the pharmacy is in neutral colors, aiming at better visibility of the colorful sales packaging.

Pharmacy Architectural Design & Decoration in Chalandri

The pharmacy of the future is not limited to a prescription. It clearly shows the image of well-being and beauty in all phases of human life.The bench-table often does not ensure the confidentiality required by circumstances.


Innovo Constructions inspires and creates unique spaces tailored to the needs of the pharmacist and the potential of the property. Therefore, when Innovo was asked to work with the pharmacist in Kallithea, they emphasized the elongated shape of the ground plan and its small front facing the road.

Pharmacy Design & Decoration In Stavroupoli

Impressive furniture designs "tie" the ceiling to the floor, displaying the desired products. Surface prediction for on-call display and poster display shows the complex role played by glazed furniture.

Pharmacy Construction in Mavili's Square

The construction of the pharmacy by qualified associates is a strategic investment as it determines the personality of the pharmacist, the quality of the service and the identity of the site. The central location of the pharmacy in Mavilis Square played an important role in shaping its communicative character during the design by Innovo Constructions.


Innovo Constructions made the adjustment of the construction of the new pharmacy in Agios Dimitrios to its current needs, in cooperation with the pharmacist.