INNOVO Constructions: Where the right design brings the customer close to your products. Innovative design, complete and impressive results. Our company undertakes the decoration, construction and renovation of pharmacies with a design that brings the customer close to the products. Our client’s demands combined with his personal style and the ergonomics of the area deliver superior end results. This high level of quality is reached through the application of original ideas and the usage of innovative materials from our specialized team.
While constructing a Pharmacy we give special care in the spaciousness of the reception in order to achieve an excellent customer service. Functional display windows, rest rooms and unique furniture are adapted in order to express the pharmacist and his customers.

In a pharmacy renovation we take into account the drug preparation areas, the mobile pharmacy parts as well as the amount of work, in order to achieve the maximum efficiency of the stuff and the optimal layout of the site.

The methodical design and organization of the furniture aims at the maximum utilization of space and proper distribution of the products in it. Beyond the range of ready-made furniture that you can see here: Pharmacy equipment, we are able to manufacture original furniture exclusively for your space; unique creations that will represent you and your store.


When talking about a fully modernized pharmacy, we refer to the pharmacy in Petroupoli. Automation, modern facilities, original constructions, the use of innovative materials highlight the pharmacy of the future in modern times. The renovation of the pharmacy was completed by Innovo Constructions in collaboration with the pharmacist, achieving an excellent result that exceeds all expectations.


The personality and training of the pharmacist combined with an attractive and functional space are the key to success. However, does the chemist have the necessary equipment to shape his pharmacy so that it meets his expectations? The design and construction of a pharmacy by a specialist company such as Innovo Constructions is a very important step in the upgrading of the space.


The detailed design for the construction of the pharmacy in Agios Dimitrios, with the original elements of high quality and aesthetics, refer to a modernized store while promoting the care of the pharmacist for his store and his fellowman. The renovation of the pharmacy began with the facade and the formation of the large glass. The sleek and elegant design of the showcases attracts the eye, creating the first stimulus for the pharmacy's communication with the passerby.


The design on the construction of the pharmacy in Gerakas has gone through many stages and many proposals in order to finalize the optimal solution that expresses the pharmacist and fits into the space.


So, do you wonder how you can make your store stand out? How to attract new customers and tempt them by targeting your sales growth? The solution lies in changing the image that the buyer has for your pharmacy. The design and the construction of an amazing pharmacy in Vari is an ideal example of modernization and aesthetics of a pharmacy upgrade.

Pharmacy Construction in Koropi

The pharmacist in Koropi contacted Innovo Constructions to design her space, saving time and money to achieve the desired result. The appropriate aesthetic and functional interventions in the pharmacy create a comfortable environment, intimate and hospitable. So the buying audience feels beautiful, serene, optimistic, staying in the drugstore as long as it takes to complete its purchases.