INNOVO Constructions: Where the right design brings the customer close to your products. Innovative design, complete and impressive results. Our company undertakes the decoration, construction and renovation of pharmacies with a design that brings the customer close to the products. Our client’s demands combined with his personal style and the ergonomics of the area deliver superior end results. This high level of quality is reached through the application of original ideas and the usage of innovative materials from our specialized team.
While constructing a Pharmacy we give special care in the spaciousness of the reception in order to achieve an excellent customer service. Functional display windows, rest rooms and unique furniture are adapted in order to express the pharmacist and his customers.

In a pharmacy renovation we take into account the drug preparation areas, the mobile pharmacy parts as well as the amount of work, in order to achieve the maximum efficiency of the stuff and the optimal layout of the site.

The methodical design and organization of the furniture aims at the maximum utilization of space and proper distribution of the products in it. Beyond the range of ready-made furniture that you can see here: Pharmacy equipment, we are able to manufacture original furniture exclusively for your space; unique creations that will represent you and your store.

Pharmacy architectural design in Germany

In the industrial Germany, a pharmacist commissioned us to construct his pharmacy and we did it as usual.

Pharmacy Construction in Kiato

The pharmacy in Kiato is a reference point for the local population. The architecture of the building is perfectly combined with the equipment of the pharmacy, leading to a harmonious yet impressive result. The unique identity of the pharmacy adopts all modern consumer trends and applies new methods to create the right environment that remains indelible in the memory of the individual and at the same time promotes the markets.

Pharmacy Construction in Acharne

Aesthetics, functionality, ergonomics, organization, class, commerciality are some of the concepts of the pharmacy in Acharne. The friendly atmosphere and customer care is perceived from the very first moment with the entrance of the audience to the place.

Pharmacy Construction in Megara

The renovation of the pharmacy in Megara was the official garment in order to make its impressive entry into the demanding area of ​​its branch with increased competition and modernized role. His new character provides services and products of health, beauty and wellness in a warm and welcoming environment.


The futuristic design of the pharmacy in Nea Erythrea with the curves and the original decoration elements is perceived at the first glance of the passerby. The oval shape is the special motif that characterizes the space. The central display of the glass windows, the recesses in wall-mounted windows and the lighting fixtures follow the dominant idea, giving "warmth" and friendliness to the atmosphere.


The communication character of the pharmacy in Argyroupoli can be understood ever at first glance on its external aspects. The original inscription with the green luminous branches and the special pharmacist logo are the appropriate visual stimuli to attract the attention of passers-by. The simple and elegant glass windows display the products in class and organization.