Optical stores

INNOVO Constructions: Choose a space that, through its qualities, reflects the product itself. Decoration and renovation exactly as you imagined it!
Innovative structures are uniquely illuminated meeting modern requirements as well as your personal style in order to achieve better and faster customer service. The proper design of your space projects your values and dedication in the field of optics, giving your store prestige and recognizability.

The decision of renovating an optic store should be considered an investment and not an additional expense. It can deliver a revenue growth of 30%. INNOVO Constructions offers solutions with very low cost estimates, intervening both in indoor spaces and in the front of the store in a way that gives the sense of a high quality but affordable purchase.

Our extensive experience in the decoration of similar stores enables us to highlight the personality of a store with an emphasis on the functionality, comfort and aesthetics of the area in order to attract new customers.

The design and organization of the equipment is methodically aimed at the maximum utilization of space and the proper distribution of products in it. Apart from the variety of equipment that we already have and you can see here: Optical equipment, we can also undertake the construction of original furniture exclusively for your space. Unique creations to represent you and your store.

Construction of the optical store Vardavas

The optician's collaboration with Innovo Constructions attributed a project of great admiration and high commerciality. During the design, all requirements have been included and adapted to the needs of consumers in the region.

Construction of the optical store in Marousi

Innovo Constructions, following the market trends and developments, completed the architectural design and construction of the optical store with a special focus on identifying and communicating the interior and the facade.

Construction of the optical store "Ofthalmos"

Innovo Constructions aiming at a more effective communication with the customer, visual and verbal, so that each person feels unique and satisfied completed the architectural design of «Ophthalmos» Optical Store chain.

Construction of the optical store in Galatsi

The entrepreneur in Galatsi, wanting to modernize, renew and re-enter his store in competition, decided to proceed with the renovation of his optical store. His collaboration with Innovo Constructions ensured that his vision would be fulfilled and attract new customers.

Construction of the optical store in Egaleo

How should an optical store be constructed when it is within a shopping mall? The answer to this question is the construction of the optical store at River West in Egaleo by Innovo Constructions. The specialization and training of the company's technicians is the guarantee for the perfect result.

Construction of the optical store Amourgianos

The decoration of optical stores, nowadays, does not follow any specific standards. The needs and the aesthetic perception of the entrepreneur and the designers determine the final style of the store. The identity of the new store is unique, as the personality of each optical store