Architectural Design of a Travel Agency in Athens

Times change and changes are reflected in the current design trends of business premises and offices. Minimalism is the style of modern times that prevails in large workplaces, so the environment is not distracting but serious and elegant.

Construction of pharmaceutical company premises in Agios Ioannis Rentis

The high value system of the pharmaceutical company S.M. Pharmaceuticals is reflected in its new facilities in Agios Ioannis Rentis. As a leader in healthcare, it promotes its integrity, credibility and contribution to the community through its advanced services in a fully modernized environment aiming at improving people's quality of life.

Construction of a Travel Agency in Athens

An office that is different from the usual, accommodating with ease, inspires creative work and facilitates activities with its ergonomic design. This is the travel agency in Athens, designed according to the modern world standards of famous offices with increased workforce.

Photography Store Architectural Design in Vari

Which elements make a "good" photographer and make him stand out from the increased competition of the time we are in? The complete knowledge about the profession, the technical training for the ways to take photos and their processing with the modern technologically advanced equipment, the impeccable quality and high aesthetic printing of the pictures make a professional photographer and artist.

Photography Store Construction

The construction of the office inspires the trust of the public as elements of the space highlight the technical training, the artistic view, and the knowledge of the photographer's abilities using the modern technology.