INNOVO Constructions: We create spaces in accordance with your requirements and energy needs. Friendly environment, comfortable spaces, complete constructions!
Our company undertakes the construction, renovation and decoration of hotels and places of temporary residence, creating a welcoming environment for the needs of your customers, tourist or business. Thoughtful and comfortable spaces are being created according to your requirements and energy needs.

Our expertise in original constructions with innovative materials and our experience combine your personal style with the proper lighting and organization of your space, to achieve high quality results. The ultimate goal is the aesthetic and functional status, to compose a harmonious, comfortable and friendly set that offers all the comforts and high standards.

The proper design, elevates the mood of customers, and your revenue. Read here, how an invest in a hotel renovation can make your business stand out.

Hotel Construction Crispen in Crete

The individual renovation of the "Crispen" Hotel in Crete was carried out in cooperation with Innovo Constructions in order to make the result of a high aesthetics, functional and quality. At the same time, the cost of the investment and the completion time of the project were secured by budget.

Hotel Construction Akti Manos_Happy Days

The construction of the new hotel unit in Crete serves the need of serving a larger audience in high standards and modernized facilities near the sea.

Hotel Construction in Parga

The design and renovation of the hotel was completed by combining impeccable aesthetics with functionality to a balanced result harmoniously integrated into the natural environment. The modern construction of the hotel gives the owner the flexibility to modify the image of his space and to have complete control of his facilities according to his wishes and needs.

Hotel Construction in Paros

The high aesthetics and the essential coverage of the modern requirements of the businessperson and his clients lay solid foundations for the development of the hotel. Pioneering and innovative materials are tailored to the specific style of the hotel, resulting in aesthetic diversification through increasing competition.