INNOVO Constructions: We create warm and welcoming environment that you need for the reception and anticipation of your customers, with your own style!
Our company undertakes the construction, renovation and decoration of hair salon, with a view to creating a warm, welcoming environment for the reception and anticipation of your customers. With imagination and creativity our qualified and experienced staff taking into account the ergonomics of the space and the lighting, delivers in the best possible way your personal style and new fashion trends. The needs of your customer are also our own needs!

As it is seen from the pictures, the design and organization equipment is methodically done, aimed at maximum utilization of space and proper distribution of furniture in it. So, beyond the range of readymade furniture we have, we can manufacture furniture exclusively for your hair salon.

Decoration of hair salon in Nafplio

The new style and the unique identity of the store are a trademark while they are also embracing the entrepreneur's philosophy of the seriousness of the services he offers. Aesthetics and functionality contribute to a harmonious result with a character that remains indelible in the memory of the customer.

Hair salon construction in Rendis

The public is satisfied physically and psychologically, making it a unique experience of being treated by the Zen staff. The modern image of the hair salon in Rendis combined with the personal haircut of the hairdresser make the salon a customer attraction beyond the local population.

Renovation of aesthetics center in Perissos

The new business is aesthetically and functionally upgraded and modernized to offer its high quality services to the public. The unique beauty treatment with original designs and shades in a welcoming environment, earns consumer confidence every day.

Renovation of Hair Passion hair salon

With regard to the aesthetics of the salon, the brown shades on leather linings and equipment give warmth and liveliness in the atmosphere.

Construction of hair salon in Athens

The identity of the new store is the result of the cooperation of the entrepreneur with the specialized company in the construction and renovation of the hairdressing salons, Innovo Constructions. With consistence and determination, the technicians adopt the space and modernizes it according to new trends and developments. 

Decoration of Mr. Lazarou's hair salon

During the architectural design of the salon, the reception and the waiting area were centrally located, facilitating the service of the newcomers and the flow of employees. Ergonomic design helps coordinate staff for immediate and efficient customer care.