INNOVO Constructions: Your needs, specifications, functionality and your personal style, are the mirror of our constructions – configurations!
Our company undertakes the decoration, construction and renovation of stores, in order to cover all the requirements of our customer, depending on the specifications, the proper operation and personal style, in order to give a perfect final result.

Our experience, our experienced and efficient personnel is our guarantee, possessing appropriate experience and expertise in constructions with innovative materials, so as to achieve a high level of quality.

The decision for a renovation of a workplace should be considered as an investment and not as an additional expense. The renovation can deliver a revenue growth of 30%. The INNOVO Constructions gives solutions with very low cost, intervening both in indoor spaces, and in front of the store, in a way that gives a sense of a quality and affordable market.

All areas of a store, are studied separately and their design is tailored to its specifics. The construction process goes through three stages which you can see here: construction stages

We manufacture original furniture exclusively for your space.

Bookstore renovation in Spata

A project with many demands! The large area of ​​the property, the limitations and the obligation to comply with the shopping center specifications, and the need for a large bulk and many different types of merchandise were the key elements that constituted a major challenge for Innovo Constructions.

Patisserie Construction

What attracts consumers to a patisserie so that they open the door and get in? Delicious delicacies classified in attractive showcases sweep the senses and lead the public to impulsive shopping. The in-house sales area allows easy movement of people by driving away the second thoughts and concerns.

Metal building construction

The design and the construction of a metal building requires specialized knowledge and great experience. The entrepreneur of "Galaxy" recognizing the well-trained staff of Innovo Constructions has made a constructive cooperation with the company for the best possible result.

Mobile store construction in Ampelokipi

The philosophy of the mobile store chain is reflected in three concepts: ease, speed, reliability. Ease of service is immediate and efficient, because services and repairs are completed in a minimum time. Reliability stems from high technical staff training within a friendly and ergonomically designed space to meet every need.

Cosmetics store renovation in Peristeri

Italian Fashion Comes to Greece! The new cosmetics store in Peristeri hosts the Italian brand "it style" in a warm and appealing space. The personalized services offered by the company aim at satisfying the cost and the quality for each customer. Because every woman has the right to care and beauty!

Linen store construction in Markopoulo

The new exhibition of linen goods in Markopoulo impresses with the elegant aesthetics and the high quality of the merchandise and its projection space. How, after all, could the glass window, which allows the passerby to have direct visual contact with the interior and the bulk of the sale products, could be unnoticed?